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February 16, 2021

What we did


Thales Netherlands is an organization active in aviation, defense, and information technology.

Thales is the largest defense company in the Netherlands, producing advanced radar and infrared equipment and fire control systems, including the APAR and SMART-L. Thales's radar systems can detect stealth aircraft. Additionally, they manufacture flight simulators for the Boeing 777 and Airbus 380 for the civilian market.

We were tasked with creating an animation that provides a brief explanation of how the radar system works, targeting the age group of 10 to 15 years. The animation will be part of a presentation shown to children during a tour of the Hengelo facility, covering both the functionality of the radar system and its applications by Thales Netherlands.

To maintain attention throughout the entire animation, a decision was made to design a character that serves as the storyline's focal point. We aimed to incorporate the theme of 'radar' into the character.
This was achieved by integrating a radar system into the character's face. Choosing to give the eyes the same digital appearance as the radar system provided more flexibility in depicting various emotions.

To represent the locations where radar systems are used, various landscapes were employed. Thus, a radar system is showcased at sea, on land, and in the air.
The story is delivered in a lighthearted manner through the voice-over.
The combination of vibrant color schemes, the inclusion of a character, a youthful voice-over, and the infusion of humor effectively caters to the target audience.

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