I am Jammal Okocha an African creative designer living in New York City


          Operating in the Wild-Wild East of the Netherlands since 2011 and producing moving content for a wide range of clients.

We believe that motion can be used to tell stories and evoke emotion.

By the end of 2011 we embraced our inner madness and Studio MAD was born. Located in the wild-wild east of the Netherlands. We focus on producing high quality videos and 2D/3D motion graphics for commercials, campaigns, advertising, branding & marketing. Here, a 'fool' is a badge of honor. It represents our commitment to creativity, our fearlessness in the face of convention, and our embrace of the unconventional. We take pride in seeing the world through a different lens.

Because everything moves and nothing truly stays (-Homer). Change isn't our adversary; it's our constant companion, providing purpose and inspiration.That is why we don’t stop in making just moving content for traditional platforms and devices. But with our MADlab we look further with our tech-partners and create motion for immersive experiences such as projection mapping, VR/AR and AI-generated content.

Here, we transform life's madness into our unique brand of sanity, where creativity knows no limits, and the pursuit of motion is our unwavering creed. Step into our world of fearless fools and boundless creativity.

We are MAD - Fools for Motion.


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