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May 10, 2022

What we did


The nuclear energy animation for Urenco and ETC Netherlands is presented in a light-hearted manner with a serious undertone.

Urenco is a company that produces enriched uranium through ultracentrifuge technology. Urenco is the largest provider of lightly enriched uranium.
ETC develops and manufactures centrifuges, provides the design for uranium enrichment plants, as well as project management services for the construction of such facilities.

We were tasked with creating an animation highlighting the positive aspects of nuclear energy. The animation is intended for young professionals around the age of 20. It needed to be informative but with a humorous and lighthearted tone.

The nuclear energy animation for Urenco and ETC Netherlands is presented in a light-hearted manner with a serious undertone. To maintain a light feel, we established a style that is colorful and lively in both animation and sound design, while also reflecting the serious aspects of the story. We achieved this by combining photography of, for example, cooling towers with illustrations and large textual animations and adding colorful elements.

In addition, we chose to give the voice-over a young, informal undertone, perfectly aligning with the animation's style. The animation has a modern look, using clean lines and bright colors, but it also incorporates a 'noise' layer over all elements, giving it a unique style. Various styles and techniques were employed throughout the animation, including the intonation and style of the voice-over, the use of textual animations, colorful backgrounds and elements, illustrations, sound effects, custom-made music, 3D animations, and transitions combined with 2D.


The initial step in the production process of this animation was the creation of custom-made music, allowing us to precisely synchronize the timing of visuals and sound. The dynamics and structure of the music were produced based on the script and storyboard, thus following the storyline of the animation. The combination of physical, 'real' instruments and software instruments was crucial for achieving the right sound. In a later phase, sound effects were added to enhance the connection between visuals and sound. The story is narrated by a voice-over with an informal, light-hearted, and unconventional style, without losing sight (or sound) of the animation's serious message.


The animation incorporates several different styles that collectively contribute to a cohesive whole. For this animation, we chose to combine the 2D animation style with 3D elements, creating more depth in the visuals and allowing for the use of 3D transitions. This approach adds variety and maintains the viewer's interest.

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