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April 19, 2020

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Short TV Series on RTV Oost

The serie 'Noabers' was weekly featured on the Facebook page of RTV Oost. This comedic series, entirely shot in Twente, revolves around the daily lives of a group of residents in a small isolated community. The series of four sketches titled 'Noabers' together form a pilot episode that aired on TV Oost on Sunday, March 26.

In the sketch 'Brug' (Bridge), we see Jos enjoying a ride through the picturesque Twente landscape until he reaches a bridge where Ad is approaching from the other side. Ad kindly offers to let Jos go first, but Jos insists that Ad should go ahead. Who will cross the bridge first?

In the sketch 'Bushalte' (Bus Stop), Cornelis rushes to catch the bus but misses it by a hair. The next bus won't arrive for another hour. Fortunately, he has his thermos of coffee and enjoys a few cups. After a few cups, his bladder demands attention, but the bus is about to arrive.

What should he do?

In the sketch 'Bal' (Ball), we see Herman being bothered by his neighbour's son playing football against his house.
He takes drastic measures, but who will ultimately be the victim?

In the sketch 'Begrafenis' (Funeral), we see Miep with her granddaughter at a funeral. Miep is annoyed by her granddaughter playing a game on her phone without any regard. Suddenly, a ringtone blares at full volume in the church. Whose phone could it be?

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